[COUNTDOWN!] Hazuki demands you be near your PC or mobile upcoming Friday 2014.01.10. There will be some announcements, and dare we hope for some mind-blasting news on the upcoming album? A new PV perhaps? And no doubt a website make-over! Are you excited?!

We’re so excited we posted Yusuke’s 2011 Club Zy Mag. vol.001 photo instead of Hazuki’s!

Other news: Asanao had a family dinner yesterday and apparently doesn’t like garlic. (o.O)? [who doesn’t like garlic? *chuckles] Ah and also, Ryoga from Born lost his game rounds against Hazuki in the dressing room on the PS3(4?) yesterday.

Have a lovely Sunday followers! Stay tuned!


Akinori & Yusuke ‘s version of NIGHT PV ! ! !



SEEKさん旗振りセッション MUCCカバーしました、あざっした!


akinoridamonde1: 明けましておめでとう御座います! 

Happy New Year!

on the image, Akinori’s 2014 wish

"to be skillful at talking" ― Akinori, 27 yrs old


fan: 私の初夢には明徳さんが出てきました!
Akinori appeared in my year’s first dream[*]

hazuki_lynch: かわいそう
Poor you

Hatsuyume is the first dream had in the new year, considered to be a good luck to dream of Mount Fuji, a hawk, and an eggplant

lynch. weekly update Vol. 01

[2013.12.30/2014.01.05] lynch. weekly update


  • [2014.01.04/05] TOKYO MOSH PIT Vol.2
    line-up: R指定,BORN,DEZERT,UCHUSENTAI:NOIZ, lynch.
    venue: SHIBUYA-AX

Other news

  • On their SHADOWS ONLY “9th Anniversary Premium Live「THE IDEAL」 on the 27th of December 2013, lynch. announced they’ll be releasing a full on album around spring 2014. The album is untitled.
  • A TOUR’14「LIMITED 3 DAYS」has been announced as well in February 2014. Men’s only, Women’s only and Shadows only! So get your tickets and gear up. You know it’ll be brutal!

Now happening

  • Asanao and Hazuki are fishing. Who would have expected that? J Happy New Year everyone.

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Emi & Desi

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